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NewEnergyInnovations Making Progress in the Eternal Search for Free Energy - NewEnergyInnovations

Making Progress in the Eternal Search for Free Energy


February 6, 2015

Practically speaking, the simple act of driving a car is a huge waste of energy. Think about it. Push on the brakes and all that heat energy builds until you come to a stop and it vanishes into nothingness. For a while now, technology companies have been trying to brainstorm a way to harness lost energy and use it to do something constructive. It might not be free energy but it’s the next best thing. A patented new system by a Chicago company called New Innovations has an idea about how to create green energy through everyday traffic. Here’s how it works. A series of low-profile cartridges fitted with vertical pumps and connected by a two-inch high bar covered by a flexible membrane are installed in the road. When a car rolls over the bar, the cartridges are depressed, forcing air into a collection tank buried beside the road. The air is sent at constant pressure to an air motor that runs a generator that creates electricity to power all kinds of things like surrounding street lights, a tollbooth station, or it could even be fed into the regional power grid. The design, known as the Traffic Power Renewable Energy System (TPRES) should be less intrusive than driving over a railroad crossing. Estimates are that 10,000 cars daily could generate 1,200 kilowatt-hours of electricity daily, enough to power 40 homes. The company expects each installation will cost about $100,000 and pay for itself in energy savings within four years. New Innovations plans a crowdfunding campaign to get TPRES up and running. – See more at: http://www.eci99.com/news/shownews/id/446850#sthash.ZvLoxcgk.dpuf