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NewEnergyInnovations Products - NewEnergyInnovations



NEI’s Patented, Traffic Powered Renewable Energy System turns every day traffic into an energy source that is more powerful, more consistent with less of a delivery cost than Wind and is more reliable than Solar Power enabling our customers to reduce energy costs, emissions and in general become green. 

How it works

Remember the old-fashioned manual bicycle pumps, where each time you pumped it a spurt of air was released into the tire? Now imagine a whole series of air pumps in the road and each time a car passes over them, all of them depress at once and force a much larger spurt of air through a series of tubes. The air continues through the tubes and into a holding tank where it’s compressed and then released as a constant stream of air into an air motor/turbine which turns the fan belt on the generator/alternator and produces energy. Since the cylinders are pumping air the resistance to the vehicle running over it, is minimal.


  • Minimally intrusive cartridge design

  • Install does not require major road construction

  • Minimal traffic disruption during installation

  • Installation does not require land acquisition

  • Install anywhere there is vehicle traffic


  • Simple design

  • Cartridges quickly replaced

  • Power generation unit maintenance is non-invasive

  • Service contract available

Call us for a FREE energy evaluation

To learn more about NEI’s revolutionary product please fill out our contact form  or call us at 630-306-2424