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NewEnergyInnovations Services - NewEnergyInnovations


Energy Cost Reduction Evaluation

Before you decide  to purchase TPRES, NEI will perform an evaluation of your current energy expenditures. In some cases consolidation and service changes can help off-set your costs of purchasing the TPRES™.

Call us today at  630-306-2424 for free preliminary energy cost reduction evaluation or provide us your contact information here.


Site Survey

WT Engineering, Inc., our recommended engineering firm, will provide a full survey of your location and/or intersection to determine the best location to optimize TPRES™ at your locations.

This service will assist municipalities that have the ability and resources to install TPRES™ on their own, in turn reducing overall costs.



With every TPRES™ purchased, an optional 5-Year Service-Maintenance agreement/program is available for a reasonable annual fee. The fee is proportionate to the size of the TPRESbeing selected.

Included in the service and maintenance program is an optional ongoing evaluation of the energy produced and recommendations for increased performance, as well as optimization for full economic pay-back which can reduce your ROI.

To learn more about NEI’s revolutionary product please fill out our contact form  or call us at 630-306-2424